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Quickly request a Minecraft plugin following these steps!

Step 1

Navigate to my shop page. From there, you will be able to craft your very own plugin! Once your plugin has been accepted, I will begin working it. You will be given a unique key needed to continue.

Step 2

You will be able to use your unique key to track your plugin's status in real time! You will be able to view what phase your plugin's development is currently in, and how much longer it will take.

Step 3

Lastly, you will need to use your unique key to proceed with your checkout. Once the plugin's invoice has been paid, you can use the same key to download the plugin whenever you want!

My happy clients

I met the developer a while back, pretty chill guy. He will help if you have issues, highly recommend this plugin.

DisGuyEveryday / Spigot User

You've stepped up the game now... GUI configs might be the next big thing. I actually find this really cool!

Mat / MC-Market User

Amazing plugin! Used a token plugin to give players tokens when they voted, then used this plugin as a shop to buy items with vote tokens.

davewolax / Spigot User

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Twitter: bwilkinson69

Skype: pablo673400

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